Who owns Richfield Retirement Community?

Richfield is an independent, not-for-profit organization that was originally founded in 1934 (read more about our background) and is governed by a Board of Directors made up of dedicated individuals from the community. Together with our senior management team they guide and direct the growth of our organization. Richfield is not owned or affiliated with any entity. As a not-for-profit; monies are directed back into our community for program development and service enhancements rather than distributed as profit to investors.

How large is the Richfield campus and is there a minimum age requirement?

The Richfield community is located on 50 acres and has a total of approximately 1,200 residents, patients and employees. The minimum age for residency in our independent and assisted living facilities is 55. Included in our community are 185 independent apartments, 14 Lake-Estate cottages, 236 assisted living units and 315 health care beds.

Are there any entrance fees?

There are no large entrance fees when moving to Richfield. While all levels of care are available on our campus, you pay only for the services you need.

What assistance is available in independent living?

Housekeeping and delivered meal service is available. There is also a licensed nurse available during the week for wellness checks. Complimentary transportation is available to shopping centers, banks and recreational outings.

Are fees subject to change?

All fees are reviewed annually by senior management and approved by our Board of Directors and may be adjusted based on actual operating costs. We work hard to be good stewards of our financial resources. Our expenses are carefully managed; therefore, all fees reflect the lowest feasible rate to maintain sound financial practices and high quality services. A written notice is provided to all residents in advance of any fee increases. Please be assured that we make every effort to keep increases to a minimum.

What happens if my health needs change and I need help on a temporary basis?

One of the major benefits of living at Richfield is the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is access to a full range of healthcare services without having to leave the Richfield campus. Rehabilitation, assisted living and nursing care services are available for either short-term or extended stays. We provide complimentary transportation within our campus, to ensure that residents are able to stay connected with friends and family should their needs change.

How do I determine what level of care is needed?

Our admission counselors are experienced and are available to assess individuals to determine which services will best meet their needs. If the individual is unable to come to us, we will make arrangements to go to them – either at home or in the hospital.

Can I keep my own physician?

Yes. We feel it is extremely important for residents to maintain a strong, continuing relationship with their physicians. If after moving to Richfield, your personal physician is not conveniently located and not able to provide you with the necessary services should you need assisted living or nursing care, we can assist you in selecting a physician who will meet your needs.

How do I determine if an individual requires a Memory Care Unit?

The main thing to consider is the individual’s safety. If the individual is wandering, exit seeking and unable to recognize his or her surroundings, memory care is recommended. Richfield provides memory care programs in both our assisted living and nursing care environments. In assisted living individuals must be ambulatory, able to feed themselves and require the services of a secured environment. The Memory Care Program in our nursing center is for individuals who need a higher level of care and are in the more advanced stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Both of our programs are based on our ‘Dementia Possible Care’ Program.

Does Medicare pay for any portion of the cost of care?

This depends on the type of setting you are in. Currently, Medicare provides no reimbursement for assisted living or regular nursing care. Under certain limited conditions, Medicare will pay some costs for Medicare beneficiaries who require skilled nursing or rehabilitation services. To be covered, you must also meet a qualifying hospital stay of at least three days prior to admission to the facility. This coverage can potentially last for 100 days depending on the patient’s progress and continued care needs.

What if I need help financing nursing home care?

Medicaid is a State and Federal program that will pay most nursing home costs for individuals with limited income and assets. About half of all nursing home residents pay nursing home costs out of their own savings. After these savings and other resources are depleted, application for Medicaid can be made through the Department of Social Services in the county or city of the resident’s most recent home address.

What is the next step if I’d like to know more?

If you have not already done so, plan a visit! To tour and learn more about what our campus has to offer, call 540-380-6511 or toll free at 888-745-8008. One of our senior living counselors will be happy to speak with you.