Vacation & Recovery Stay Program

Our program allows caregivers time to vacation, deal with personal affairs or enjoy needed respite from the stress and strain of round-the-clock caregiving.

At Richfield, we understand that after the need for hospital care or rehabilitation has passed, some patients feel they are simply not ready to return to their homes and daily routines. They recognize that a period of professional care will make a significant difference in their transition — emotionally and physically — back to everyday life. Some may also want additional time to carefully evaluate their level of need and to consider alternate care options. In these situations, a recovery stay at Richfield is a perfect solution.

For more information on the options that are available with our Vacation and Recovery Stay Program, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors at 540-380-6511 or via email.


Community Options

Richfield offers short-term, temporary care options tailored to meet the needs of patients and their caregivers. Offering convenience and flexibility, our Vacation & Recovery Stay Program, is ideal for:

  • Family members who need to take a break from their everyday responsibilities as caregivers.
  • Patients who have completed a hospital stay or rehabilitation, but feel they would benefit from an added period of professional care before returning home.
  • Those who have undergone same day surgery or other outpatient procedures and want a day or two of rest before resuming their daily routines.
  • Prospective residents and their families who would like to take the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of assisted living or nursing care at Richfield before making a permanent move.

There are no limitations on the length of a guest’s stay. Whether for a few days, a few weeks or more, the choice rests entirely with the individual and his or her family.