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What to Expect: A Day in the Life of a Richfield Resident

When people start to consider senior living they have all kinds of questions. And you should! After all, moving from home to senior living is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life. That’s why it’s so important that the fit is just right. So it’s no surprise that the question we’re most often asked is: “What’s life really like here?” Here’s a glimpse of what your day might be like along with real stories from our residents and families. 

A Day in the Life at Richfield Senior Living Community

A common theme you’ll see throughout each day in our senior living community is choice; having the freedom to live life on your own terms. Whether you’re in retirement living, assisted living, memory care or nursing care we want you to have as much independence as possible. That’s why no two days are alike, unless you want them to be!


Wake up in your private residence, whether a lakeside cottage or spacious apartment.  Begin getting ready for the day either independently or with help from one of our resident assistants. Then opt for breakfast in the dining room or have meal service at home.

After your meal, you set about planning your day. Send your clothing and linens out to be laundered. Make an appointment for the hair salon and decide whether you’d like to get your daily exercise by strolling through the beautiful campus or at the gym in the Wellness Center.

Real Stories


After that big breakfast you decide on a lunch snack at the café with friends and make sure to bring your activity calendar for options on what to do this afternoon. There’s bingo, seasonal crafts, cooking class or an outing to Roanoke. Outing it is!

Then you return to your freshly cleaned home for a bit of relaxation before dinner.

Real Stories


After a wonderful, home-cooked meal you play some brain games on the resident computer while waiting for movie night with friends and staff. They’re playing one of your favorites!

As you head home for the night, you’re looking forward to curling up with the latest Book Club selection so you can discuss it tomorrow. Don’t forget you have a physical therapy appointment at the Wellness Center and family coming to visit as well!

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