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How Downsizing Your Home Can Upsize Your Happiness in Senior Living Communities

How Downsizing Your Home Can Upsize Your Happiness in Senior Living Communities

According to Merriam Webster, the term downsizing simply means to reduce in size. But for those nearing or in retirement this change means so much more. That’s why there’s such hesitancy towards it for many. The concern is not just about having a smaller space or less stuff, downsizing represents a life shift that can be scary. We get it. But before you write off the idea completely, open your mind to the benefits because they are actually really great. Here’s how downsizing your home can upsize your happiness.

The Facts on Downsizing

You’re definitely not alone in considering whether or not to downsize. In fact, 40 percent of Americans aged 50 to 64 plans to move within the next five years according to the Demand Institute. What’s more, the Policy Center cites that boomers are expected to place some 26 million homes on the market by 2030. Wow!

Now here’s the why per a University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study:

  • 28% moved for family reasons (to be near children or to care for an older relative)
  • 22% moved because of financial stress
  • 21% moved to upgrade to a better house and/or location
  • 16% moved for traditional retirement reasons (seeking warmer climate or leisure)

But what may surprise you is that the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that seniors who downsized are happier than those who stay put.

Upsizing Your Happiness

If you’re thinking; where do I downsize to? You may be even more surprised to learn that senior living communities are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Because of the active, convenient and carefree lifestyle they offer, seniors are moving to these communities earlier than ever now, while completely healthy.

The benefits of senior living communities include:

  • Less stress – You no longer have to worry about the mortgage, property taxes, home insurance or next big repair bill to hit.
  • More time – With your daily chores taken care of your have to-do list is now a want to-do list.
  • More energy – If you’re tired of the same old routine, having new opportunities can give you renewed purpose and zest.
  • Greater amenities – With the resort-like amenities many communities offer, you no longer have to leave home to feel like you’re on vacation.
  • More freedom – Without the responsibilities of a home weighing on you, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the life you deserve.
  • Better location – Senior living communities are often located in the center of it all, making life much more convenient.

Leaving Behind Loneliness

Social isolation is a big concern for seniors, and in fact has been labelled a growing health epidemic by the AARP Foundation. They equate the health risks of prolonged isolation to the dangers of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. One of the biggest risk factors is living alone and that’s why social opportunity is such a focus for senior living communities, even beyond other benefits and amenities.

At Richfield for example, our social calendar not only changes monthly, we also have such a wide range of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a sample:

  • Classes – Cooking, Crafts, Painting, Poetry
  • Outings – Restaurants, Movies, Events, Shopping
  • Clubs – Red Hat Society, Garden Club, Richfield Reads
  • Special Events – Live Entertainment, Antique Car Show, Pet Visits
  • Pampering – Manicures, Facials, Aromatherapy, Hand Massages
  • Games – Bingo, Trivia, Wii Bowling, Balloon Volleyball, Karaoke, Puzzles, Brain Games
  • Socials – Birthday Celebrations, Sunday Sing-a-Longs, Seasonal Treats
  • Church – Services and Bible Studies
  • Fitness – Sit & B-Fit Classes, Yoga, Water Aerobics
  • Cognitive Enrichment – Reminisce Corner, Sensory and Music Activities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Educational Events

Like we said above, downsizing represents so much more than just less space or less stuff. But now that you know how much the more in senior living could upsize your happiness, we hope you’ll feel confident making the move.

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