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Live Life On Your Terms at Richfield Senior Living

Live Life On Your Terms at Richfield Senior Living

No matter what age, independence is something we all cherish. From toddlers to teens to twenty-somethings to who’s counting — we want to be able to push the boundaries, to be ourselves, to call our own shots. It may be even more important as we age and prove that older doesn’t mean old. That’s why independent living is such a great choice. Because of the active, convenient and carefree lifestyle it offers, people are moving to these communities earlier than ever now, while completely healthy

Putting the Independence in Senior Living

The fact that independent is in the name is no accident. This type of senior living is all about lifestyle and choice. If you or your loved one is an active older adult who requires little daily assistance, but seeks a vibrant social community without the hassle of chores and home upkeep; independent living could be an ideal place to live life to its fullest.

In independent living you can typically expect:

Choice of living options — From condominiums, apartments, free-standing cottages or single-family homes, whichever suits you best.

Carefree living — Say goodbye to home upkeep and yard maintenance because these are typically included in your monthly fee as are restaurant-style dining, basic housekeeping, laundry services and transportation.

Fabulous amenities — A pool, fitness center and onsite beauty and barber salon are just the beginning of what these communities offer.

Life with purpose — One of the biggest draws; you have a range of social opportunities, educational and enrichment programs as well as organized activities and outings to enjoy.

An easy transition — Often, independent living communities, such as ours, have a full continuum of care that includes assisted living and/or memory care on the same campus to support your evolving health needs.

Independence in Action

We can tell you all day about the wonderful benefits of independent living, but as with most things, you should hear it from those who know best. Like our residents and their families!

Harold, Resident

“My wife and I live in a 2-bed, 2-bath private cottage. The big draw for us in moving here was to have the convenience and to have everything right here. Plus I don’t think there’s another senior living community that has as beautiful a campus as Richfield.

“The Wellness Center was one of the smartest things they did here. My wife and I come every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about an hour and it definitely keeps us moving. There’s a chemistry here and you go away feeling a lot better than you came in. The trainers are knowledgeable. My goal is to stay self-sufficient and this has kept me on that path.”

Kathy, Daughter of Resident

“My mother lived at Richfield for 19 and a half years. She lived a very active life here. She volunteered at the gift shop and the beauty salon. She was a people person; she played bridge, called bingo and did Wii bowling.

“It was everything she wanted it to be. She didn’t have to worry about anything. She loved it, so we loved it. I can’t say anything but good things. It’s a home away from home.”

Helen, Resident “I love the campus, there are so many places to walk and look at beautiful flowers or just sit and relax. There are activities all the time — inside, outside, all year round — there’s no excuse to say there’s nothing to do. We attend Bible study, listen to bands, and you get to go out to eat right here at home. “We live in a private cottage, a duplex with a front and back porch. We have room for anything we need to do — like having family come — but it’s not too much to keep up with. We really don’t have to do anything but enjoy. “The Wellness Center not only helps physically but we have a lot of fun. It’s just a good time relaxing while taking care of our bodies. But it’s friendly wherever you go here. The staff is always there to help and make you feel at home. We’ve made lots of friends that I cherish, and that’s important.”

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