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Making an Informed Decision for your Transition

Richfield’s Director of Care Transitions, Karen Burns, RN, has more than 30 years of healthcare experience in Southwest Virginia. In this role, Karen serves as the primary liaison between Richfield Living and the region’s hospitals, helping to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient transfer between hospital stays and Richfield’s various levels of care.

The transition process has become a bit more complicated for families since 2020.

“Pre-COVID, liaisons like me used to be able to talk to patients inside the hospital when they were considering care. Post-COVID, that is no longer the case,” explains Karen. “Patients and families are overwhelmed, and they do not know how to navigate this transition alone.”

Karen describes how families must now do their own research. However, many older couples in their 70’s faced with this task after an unexpected trip to the hospital may be unsure who to call or how to pick a rehab center and community that fits their needs. This is where the benefits of having a liaison come into play.

“Working with me, patients and families can ask questions, tour the facility, and then make an informed decisionfor their healthcare,” says Karen.

One of the other reasons Karen encourages families to reach out to her is so she can relieve common concerns and hesitations, including ones about COVID and privacy.

“When the pandemic began, everyone was doing the best they could with what they knew. We know much more now,” says Karen. “The private rooms available at The Health Center in Roanoke and Salem are a game changer compared to other facilities with shared rooms and bathrooms. Our patient-centered household model of care provides peace of mind and safety for patients and their visitors.”

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