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Katie Jones, administrator at the Joseph C. Thomas Center, and Beverly Adams, Life Enrichment director

The Virginia Health Care Association and Virginia Center for Assisted Living is an organization dedicated to advocating for and representing the interests of over 250 Virginia nursing and assisted living facilities. VHCA/VCAL is the Commonwealth’s largest association representing long term care.

Each year, at their annual conference, they recognize members for outstanding service and achievements.  The D.A. ‘Woody’ Brown Awards focus on activity events and community engagement.

In 2016 Richfield won two awards in the Special Events Category!  The Special Event category is based on a one-time activity that involves the outside community.

Congratulations to Debbie Tingler and Beverly Adams for their work in creating and promoting these special events! Also thanks to the many other Richfield employees who worked to make these events such a success.

  • The Oaks won First Place for the for their 1940’s themed “Shooting Star Big Band Gala” and
  • The Joseph Thomas Center won Second Place for their “A New York State of Mind” followed by a “Coney Island Adventure” event. 

Congratulations to the staff of both The Oaks and JCT for their hard work and enthusiasm in creating these magical events for our residents and their families.

Debbie Conway, Administrator of The Oaks at Richfield, and Debbie Tingler, Life Enrichment coordinator