A note to our Richfield family:

 Update May 26, 2020

We will continue to be transparent in sharing information and updates about the status of residents and team members at Richfield Living.

Below is our current COVID-19 status:

  • 1 COVID + resident in the Recovery and Care Center (skilled nursing long term care) quarantined on an isolated unit with one nurse and one  CNA
  • 0 COVID + patients in The Rehab Center (transitional care/short term rehab)
  • 0 COVID + residents in The Oaks and Joseph C. Thomas Center (assisted living and memory care)
  • 0 COVID + team members working
  • 4 COVID + resident quarantined in independent living with one in Ridgecrest and three in Knollwood (will be released off quarantine following two negative tests)
  • 1 COVID+ team members quarantined at home

We tested 92 residents in independent living who were asymptomatic and volunteered to be tested. We still have one campus resident in the hospital that tested COVID + since hospitalization and one resident who tested COVID + in the Recovery and Care Center and then transferred to the hospital with symptoms. Both are recovering and awaiting two COVID negative tests so they can return to their homes on campus. One resident, formerly hospitalized, has recovered and has returned to campus.

We desire to be proactive with testing through our partnerships with Richfield’s commercial labs partner, Vista Labs, and the Virginia Department of Health. We have already received negative test results for 97 asymptomatic residents in the Rehab Center and Recovery and Care Center.

We also have received 163 negative results for team members tested.  And we intend to continue to conduct weekly proactive testing for asymptomatic team members in an attempt to stay ahead of the spread of the virus.

For twelve weeks, we have followed increasingly strict infection control protocols. Although Virginia has adopted Phase 1 for Reopening America, CMS and CDC guidance still recommend we maintain our current practices and protocols. The strategy of reducing interactions and using strong infection control practices is proving effective and we intend to continue this strategy for the foreseeable future. While our residents certainly are impacted by the current protocols, they are adjusting and are healthy and happy. We are doing our very best to help them stay in close contact with their loved ones who cannot visit right now. We appreciate everyone’s continued patience and persistence in keeping COVID out of our community.

We regularly explore opportunities to protect our residents’ and employees’ safety and well-being following recommendations from the Governor’s Office, the County Health Commissioner, the Virginia Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control.

If you have questions, please call our compliance and COVID-19 hotline at 888.745.8008 or email here.

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Compliance and COVID-19 hotline: 888.745.8008.