An Inspired Vision For The Future Of Richfield Living

Our growth continues at Richfield Living, and we proudly announce we are in the public phase of our Vision 2020: Project Home Capital Campaign.

Your participation in our 2021 campaign to create an optimal retirement experience for our residents will empower us to reach our goal of $1.25M.

We invite you to join those already committed to our vision, and pledge your support as we innovate senior care in Southwest Virginia.

Create a lasting impact by donating to our Salem & Roanoke communities.

As a not-for-profit community in Salem, and soon in Roanoke, VA, Richfield Living must balance the need to keep fees affordable with the need to perpetuate high standards. Our conservative and diligent financial management has allowed us to meet our goals, but growth that fits within our greater service objectives must come from other sources. Through your contributions to Richfield Living we can continue to enhance our services, facilities, and amenities.

The financial assets of Richfield provide funds for new programs, services and facilities; renovations of current buildings; employee scholarships and assistance when residents outlive their financial resources. You can help residents in many ways.

Exciting changes are happening at Richfield… changes that will enhance quality of life for our residents for decades to come.

With continued support and the competitive performance of Richfield’s endowment, we are able to make funds available that provide new opportunities for our residents by developing programs and facilities which enhance their care and quality of life. Contributions from individuals, corporations, and organizations are managed according to policies developed by Richfield’s Board of Directors. Funds are managed transparently, ensuring that each gift is used according to the donor’s intent.

Development Team

Lisa Clause, MBA

Senior Director of Marketing and Philanthropy

Scotti Hartman, CFRE

Director of Community and Development

If you would like to talk about how your gift can best be used on the Salem or Roanoke campus, call Lisa at 540.444.4714 or Scotti at 540.380.6555.

Learn more about giving at Richfield Living by downloading our Philanthropy brochure.

Ways to give to Richfield Living

There are a variety of ways you can support our residents and Richfield Living:

  • Designate the donation to “Richfield LIving” to receive gifts in honor of, or in memory of a loved one
  • Make a cash contribution
  • Make gifts of stock, bonds and other investment assets
  • Name “Richfield Living” as a beneficiary in your estate planning
  • Create a Named Endowment Fund to provide perpetual financial assistance.

Every gift we receive is important and appreciated. Donations can be mailed to Richfield Living, P.O. Box 3240, Salem, VA 24153. Richfield Living is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization; therefore, your gift is tax deductible within IRS guidelines.

If you wish, you can allocate your gift for a specific area of need:

Assisted Living Legacy Fund

As people live longer and care needs change, residents on fixed incomes can find it hard to make ends meet in the face of investment underperformance, health challenges, or simply by outliving their savings. Some residents worry they will no longer be able to afford to live at Richfield.

The goal of the Richfield Assisted Living Legacy Fund is to provide financial assistance to those living in assisted living who lack options to further meet their cost of care. Funds are perpetually needed to support this program and the need continues to rise. Each year Richfield Living subsidizes, on average, over $273,000 in unreimbursed costs for benevolent care.

Chaplaincy Fund

A donation to Chaplaincy Services through the Chaplaincy Fund can provide additional programming, devotional materials, and direct assistance to the support of outreach to the Richfield Living community through The Chapel. Many choose to tithe or support this service through volunteering. Spiritual wellness is important on many levels and your donations to this fund is appreciated.

Scholarship Fund for Team Education

Richfield is committed to our people and learning. One of our strategic initiatives is to fully engage, develop, and empower a diverse, well-educated team of professionals who embrace our mission, values, and continuous learning. Our Scholarship Fund makes it possible for our employees to get advanced training and education to keep up with the changes in health care and best practices. In return, they apply their skills to enhance the lives of our residents.

Building Facilities and Resources For Residents

Contributions made to Richfield Living will assist us with these goals:

  • Build a new Town Center that will offer expanded wellness offerings, educational, and life enrichment opportunities for residents
  • Provide funds to assist with building a new nursing center
  • Provide funds for renovations and upgrades to our current facilities
  • Provide funds for supporting our current Wellness Center – its individual wellness programs, exercise classes, aquatic programs and equipment needs

For more information, call Lisa Clause at 540.444.4714, or email here.

You may send your donation to: Lisa Clause, Senior Director of Marketing & Philanthropy, c/o Richfield Living, PO Box 3240, Salem, VA 24153, or click on the button below to make an online donation. 

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