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Financial Checklists For Senior Living

If you’re sold on the benefits of senior living but don’t know how to start figuring out the finances, we can help. From financial checklists to what affects the cost to payment options, get prepared here.

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Quick Ways To Save For Senior Living

Most people haven’t saved enough for senior living by the time they reach retirement. If that’s you too, see how to quickly close the gap.

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Fact vs Fiction: Who Pays For Long-Term Senior Care?

If you aren’t saving for senior care because you think insurance, Medicare or Medicaid will cover it, think again! Get the facts on who really pays what here.

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The Benefits & Value Of Not-for-Profit Senior Living

As you research senior living options, learn how not-for-profit senior living communities differ and the benefits they can offer you or your loved one.

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Comparing Buy-In versus Rental Models for Senior Living

A key benefit of senior living is having more control over your monthly budget, but as you consider communities beware that some also charge an upfront fee.

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How to Overcome the Rising Cost of Senior Care

Most people over 65 will require senior care at some point. But as costs continue to rise, how will you afford it? Learn what you can expect and how to offset those costs.

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How the Cost of Senior Living REALLY Compares to Home

Thinking that aging at home is ALWAYS less expensive than senior living could actually cost you big
time. Take a look at the real comparison here.

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Memory Loss: Am I Getting Dementia?

Memory loss is not always dementia, but when should you be concerned your forgetfulness is something more? Learn how to distinguish normal age-related memory loss and when to get help.

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8 Reasons Why Seniors Need Pets

Pets aren’t just cute and cuddly and the ultimate companions. They also offer a multitude of physical, mental and emotional benefits to seniors. Check out 8 reasons you need a pet in your life.

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Enjoy the High Life in Senior Living

Think living the high life and senior living don’t mix? You’re in for a surprise. Learn the benefits seniors just like you already enjoy!

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The Differences between Retirement Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care at Richfield

How many types of senior living are there? It’s not a trick question! Actually, most people don’t realize there’s more than one type. Check out the differences, which one could benefit you most and the value of having them all on one campus.

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Finding Peace Of Mind In Senior Living

Many seniors struggle to find peace of mind, particularly when living alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. See how senior living can help you feel more secure and give you more opportunities to live your best life.

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Is Independent Living Right For Me?

So many retirement options, so much confusion. Check out what independent living really is, what it’s not and whether it’s right for you.

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Say Goodbye To The ‘Honey-Do’ List With Independent Living

Has your honey-do list followed you into retirement? Don’t worry; there is a way to keep it from putting a damper on your fun and newfound freedom. Check out the benefits of independent living

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