Ramona H. has lived in Joseph C. Thomas Assisted Living for about three years after a stay in Short Term Rehab following emergency surgery. She liked the care, playing games, socializing, and watching the geese and rabbits outside. She wanted to become a hot shot secretary so she studied those skills in college. But she met a young man who joined the Air Force and got orders to go to Alaska. Ramona and Clell were married in one day by a pastor they found in the phonebook. They had four children, Richard, Rita, Frank, and Raymond. The family was living in France when Clell had a cerebral aneurism while driving. Although they were both injured, her husband was transferred to Germany for a long convalescence.He had large memory loss so they returned to Virginia. Ramona kept children to support the family. They were married 54 years before he passed in 2008.

I have been through a lot, my church and Christian women helped me. The Lord is there, so I do not need to be anxious.