An inspired vision for the future of Richfield

As a not-for-profit community, Richfield must balance the need to keep fees affordable with the need to perpetuate our high standards.

Our conservative and diligent financial management has allowed us to meet our goals, but growth that fits within our greater service goal must come from other sources. It is only through your contributions that we can enhance our services, facilities and amenities.

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The financial assets of the Richfield Foundation provide funds for new programs, services and facilities; renovations of current buildings; employee scholarships and assistance when residents outlive their financial resources.

Every gift we receive is important and appreciated.  If you would like to make a donation or receive more information about giving to the Richfield Foundation, please contact:

Susan Williams, Senior Vice President
Richfield Foundation
P. O. Box 3240
Salem, VA  24153

Providing Security

As people live longer and care needs change, residents on fixed incomes can find it hard to make ends meet in the face of investment underperformance, health challenges or simply outliving their savings. Some residents worry they will no longer be able to afford to live at Richfield.

The Foundation serves as a safety net to help residents who might lose the ability to financially meet all their needs. This may be in the form of subsidizing their monthly fees or covering the expenses for an upgrade to meet changing needs associated with age, disability or disease.

Advancing Care for Seniors Through Education

We are fortunate to be surrounded by people on our campus who feel a genuine compassion for seniors. In many cases, these individuals have dedicated their lives and careers to this noble pursuit.

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Ultimately, passion must be accompanied by continued training to keep up with changes in health care and senior living.

Our Scholorship Fund makes it possible for our employees to get advanced training and education.  In return, they apply their skills to enhance the lives of our residents.

Building Facilities and Resources for Our Residents

pink flower basketOne of the greatest epiphanies of our time is the realization that chronological age can be accompanied by vitality both in body and mind.

Studies show that physical activity can lead to more active and fit bodies and minds.

The Richfield Foundation is focused on the idea that good health is a lifelong process. While we may define our vitality differently at 18 than we do at 81, there is an undeniable correlation to health, mental capacity and quality of life.

Contributions made to the foundation will assist us in building facilities and support educational programs. This may be a process as grand as raising funds to build a community center or as simple as providing educational and life enrichment opportunities.

Pursuing a New Standard in Wellness

Among the first and most visible contributions to our community is a state-of-the-art Wellness Center housed within The Rehab Center.  It offers residents, living in our apartments and cottages, a place to rediscover their wellness potential and achieve their wellness goals.  Donations support individual wellness programs, exercise classes, aquatic programs, equipment purchases and building needs.


Exciting changes are happening at Richfield today… changes that will create a positive and lasting impact on the quality of life for those living on our campus for decades to come.

Ways to Give

The Richfield Foundation’s ability to uphold its mission is a direct result of the relationships our donors develop with people and programs committed to quality senior care in the Roanoke Valley. With continued support and the competitive performance of the Foundation’s endowment, we are able to make funds available to Richfield that provide new opportunities for our residents by developing programs and facilities that enhance their care and quality of life. Contributions from individuals, corporations and organizations are managed according to policies developed by the Richfield Foundation’s Board of Directors. Funds are used in ways that ensure each gift is managed according to the donor’s intent.