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An inspired vision for the future
of Richfield

As a not-for-profit community, Richfield must balance the need to keep fees affordable with the need to perpetuate our high standards. Our conservative and diligent financial management has allowed us to meet our goals, but growth that fits within our greater service goal must come from other sources. Through your contributions to the Richfield Foundation we can continue to enhance our services, facilities and amenities. 

The financial assets of the Richfield Foundation provide funds for new programs, services and facilities; renovations of current buildings; employee scholarships and assistance when residents outlive their financial resources. There are many ways that you can help.

Your donation creates a positive and lasting impact for those living on our campus

Exciting changes are happening at Richfield… changes that will enhance quality of life for our residents for decades to come.

With continued support and the competitive performance of the Richfield Foundation’s endowment, we are able to make funds available to Richfield that provide new opportunities for our residents by developing programs and facilities that enhance their care and quality of life. Contributions from individuals, corporations and organizations are managed according to policies developed by the Richfield Foundation’s Board of Directors. Funds are used in ways that ensure each gift is managed according to the donor’s intent.


There are a variety of ways you can support our residents and the Richfield Foundation:

• Designate the “Richfield Foundation” to receive gifts in honor, or in memory of a loved one

  Make a cash contribution

• Make gifts of stock, bonds and other investment assets

• Name the “Richfield Foundation” as a beneficiary in your estate planning

• Create a Named Endowment Fund to provide perpetual financial assistance.

Every gift we receive is important and appreciated. D
onations can be sent to Richfield Foundation, P. O. Box 3240, Salem, VA  24153. Richfield Living is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization; therefore, your gift is tax deductible within IRS guidelines.

If You Wish, You Can Allocate Your Gift for a Specific Area of Need:


As people live longer and care needs change, residents on fixed incomes can find it hard to make ends meet in the face of investment underperformance, health challenges or simply outliving their savings. Some residents worry they will no longer be able to afford to live at Richfield.

The goal of the Richfield Foundation Assisted Living Legacy Fund is to provide financial assistance to those living in assisted living who lack options to further meet their cost of care. Funds are perpetually needed to support this program and the need continues to rise.  Each year Richfield Living subsidizes, on average, over $273,000 in unreimbursed costs for benevolent care.


Richfield is committed to our people and learning.  One of our strategic initiatives is to fully engage, develop and empower a diverse, well-educated team of professionals who embrace our mission, values and continuous learning. 

Our Scholarship Fund makes it possible for our employees to get advanced training and education to keep up with the changes in health care and best practices.  In return, they apply their skills to enhance the lives of our residents.


Contributions made to the Richfield Foundation will assist us with these goals:

• Build a new Community Center that will offer expanded wellness offerings, educational and life enrichment opportunities for our residents

• Provide funds to assist with building a new nursing center

• Provide funds for renovations and upgrades to our current facilities

• Provide funds for supporting our current Wellness Center – its individual wellness programs, exercise classes, aquatic programs and equipment needs

Lisa Clause 540.444.4714

Lisa Clause, Senior Director of Marketing & Philanthropy
c/o Richfield Living
P. O. Box 3240
Salem, VA  24153

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others –
Mahatma Ghandi

Volunteering keeps us engaged in life and can promote personal growth and self-esteem. Whether it is an ongoing commitment, fulfilling school service hours or a one-time project, we have an opportunity for you!  At Richfield, we welcome both individual and group volunteers.  After viewing the many volunteer possibilities the volunteer applications are accessible at the bottom of the page.

Richfield has a diverse selection of volunteer opportunities to match your interests and schedule:


Perfect for students to use their computer skills to help residents stay connected. Some our of residents don’t know how to use computers to communicate, and others are suffering from conditions that make it hard to use computers on their own. This makes them feel disconnected from family and friends in today’s cyber world.

Richfield offers a state-of-the-art “It’s Never 2 Late” touchscreen computer system with Skype, email and a host of other features; however, many residents need help to learn how to use the computer. Volunteers can help by teaching residents how to:

• Send and receive email messages

• Chat with family on Skype

• Play online games

• Listen to music

• Surf the web

The rewards for students are endless. You’ll enjoy sharing your skills with others, making new friends, and maybe even exploring career options in a healthcare setting. Most of all, you will make a positive difference in someone’s life!


Another rewarding volunteer option is to spend some quality, one-on-one time visiting with a resident. Not sure what you could do with a resident? Even the simplest of activities can brighten someone’s day. Suggestions of things to do include:

• Reminiscing & conversation

• Reading

• Games

• Arts & crafts

• Pet visits

• Music

• Computer activities

• Manicure & hand massages

How long you spend visiting will depend on each resident’s needs. Our previous and current volunteers can attest to the special bond you’ll build with the residents you visit.


Richfield has beautiful garden areas throughout our campus – thanks in part to our volunteers! But it doesn’t happen without people like you, offering your time and expertise outside! Here are some ways to help:

• Adopt a courtyard

• Planting flowers or vegetables

• Keeping the gardens & weeded

• Flower arranging

Enjoy the fresh air and grow something beautiful for others to enjoy – what a great way to make a difference!


No one’s ever too old to have a good time – so this is your opportunity to share your talents with our residents in group activities. Group activities typically last from thirty minutes to an hour.  We have leadership opportunities for:

• Art class

• Crafts

• Seminars or travelogues

• Movie night

• Bingo & other games

• Musical performances

• Devotions

• Book club

• Reminiscence groups

• Brain fitness activities

• Seasonal events, and any other ideas you might have!

Human Resources 540.380.4500

I love to call bingo – the residents are so appreciative. If you can just get the residents to open up a little bit you can learn so much from them.


Join us in our commitment to enhance the lives of our residents – become a Richfield volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Richfield. Individuals wishing to volunteer, should fill out the application below.  We will contact you to schedule an interview and learn about your area of interest.  The primary contact person for a prospective group should fill out the group application below.  We will contact you to learn more about the groups area of interest.  The group leader will receive a badge, and then the group will begin their service.

Richfield provides an equal volunteering opportunity for everyone. An individual’s ability to volunteer is contingent upon their dependability and their willingness and ability to perform the assigned tasks. All Richfield volunteers must be at least 14 years of age unless they are with a supervised group.