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Richfield Living Breaks Ground In Roanoke City To Build New Skilled Nursing And Rehab Health Center

Breaking Ground For A New Skilled Nursing & Rehab Health Center

We are proud to announce construction has begun of our new Richfield Health Center – RoanokeCampus for skilled nursing and rehabilitation located on 1047 Mecca Street, Roanoke.

In lieu of current health considerations, a public press event previously scheduled will not be held at this time.

Richfield Living will be the first nursing facility in Southwest Virginia to have the Household Model of Care. In each of these households, 19 all-private bedrooms will surround a central kitchen and living area. Residents determine the course of their day, including when to wake-up, meal times, daily activities, and when to receive personal care from cross trained team members dedicated to that household. This person first care can provide hope to all residents.

We are currently in construction of a new Health Center for skilled nursing on our Salem Campus (expected to open in Summer 2020) that mirrors the facility under construction in Roanoke City. We are excited to open not only our second location, which is a first for Richfield Living, but to move into Roanoke City.

“We are excited to have the presence of Richfield in the City of Roanoke, especially with a new concept we have not seen in the past with their Household Model of Care. This concept is very innovative in making their residents feel “at home” and will be a welcomed alternative to seniors in Roanoke seeking attractive long-term care options. Richfield has always had a remarkable reputation in the Roanoke Region and I am very pleased to have them be part of our community,” states Mr. Sherman Lea, Mayor of Roanoke City.

As Richfield Living moves into a new era of expanded services, we remember our long history of 86 years of public health service and care.