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12 Ways We Make You Feel at Home in Our Senior Living Community Apartments

12 Ways We Make You Feel at Home in Our Senior Living Community Apartments

There’s a saying that home is where you hang your hat. It’s true, we often think of home as the physical space where we live, and have lived for years in many cases. But really, ‘home’ is bigger than that. It’s where you make memories, laugh with friends and family, where you feel comfortable, safe and enjoy life. It truly can be anywhere, and we do our best to make sure our residents consider their home sweet home right here. Here’s how we make you feel at home in our senior living apartment community.

In the Little Things

Sometimes, these are the things that make the biggest difference. You can’t feel at home with people who don’t really know you right? That’s why we take the time to get to know our residents — their life stories, what they love and their hopes for today and tomorrow.

1.  Expect warm welcomes and smiled-filled greetings each day.
2.  Like family, we’re on a first-name basis with all our residents.

In the Day-to-Day

Some of the most common questions we’re asked include:  What’s life really like? How will I fit in? Will I still have privacy? How do I stay active and involved? We understand that moving to senior living can cause some trepidation and we’re committed to easing the transition so you won’t miss a beat.

3.  We’ll make introductions with residents who share your interests and help foster connections through ongoing social opportunities.
4.  With options of private cottages or spacious senior living apartments in a variety of floorplans, we empower your independence.
5.  Fitness opportunities such as yoga and balance classes keep you active.
6.  You have plenty of opportunities to stay engaged such as volunteering in subcommittees for campus redevelopment.

In the Extras

You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to enjoy the carefree lifestyle you deserve. Forget the chores and have fun living life to its fullest. With our amenities and service, we’ll make sure you do just that in an environment where you feel supported and secure.

7.  We provide coffee for you daily in the first floor lounge.
8.  You can enjoy concierge services, personal housekeeping, transportation and 24-hour security.
9.  In intimate meal settings with wait service by team members, you can dine with friends and family.

Always in Your Corner

There’s not much that makes you feel more at home than having peace of mind that your voice will be heard, that your needs matter and that someone has your best interests at heart. Or in this case, many someone’s, because the entire team in our senior living community is here for you each step of the way. 10.  We always offer guidance and a listening ear. 11.  You have an advocate for your needs. 12.  Monthly resident meetings allow you to voice comments and concerns. In these ways and many more, we want our residents to feel that our senior living apartments are more than just a place to hang their hat; it’s where they’ll want to kick their feet up, stay awhile and be proud to call home!

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