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Enjoy the High Life in Senior Living

Think living the high life and senior living don’t mix? You’re in for a surprise. Learn the benefits seniors just like you already enjoy!

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Is Independent Living Right For Me?

Is Independent Living Right For Me? Retirement today comes with more options than ever. From where you want to live to how you want to live, the choice is yours. […]

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Live Life On Your Terms at Richfield Senior Living

Independence is important at any age, especially when you’re proving older doesn’t mean old. Learn how our active senior living residents are enjoying life on their own terms, in their own words.

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Is It Time to Consider Retirement Communities for Mom or Dad?

Explore the signs or events that indicate to a family member that it may be time to talk their parent about moving into senior living retirement communities in Virginia.

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Behind the Cost of Retirement Communities In Virginia

Take a look at what’s behind the cost of retirement communities in Virginia and how they really compare to staying at home.

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12 Ways We Make You Feel at Home in Our Senior Living Community Apartments

Home isn’t just where you hang your hat, it’s where you’re known, you’re loved, where you feel comfortable, safe and enjoy life. And it CAN happen in senior living; check out all the ways we make our residents feel at home.

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