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5 Ways To Make Moving To A Senior Living Community Easier

5 Ways to make a senior living community move easier

Moving to a senior living community is often a step in the right direction for the well-being of an older adult. Moving is a big change and a challenging process though. Here are five helpful tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. Start downsizing now

In a previous post, we highlighted the benefits of downsizing and also shared a guide on how to plan this ahead of time. Whether you’ve lived at your current home for 5 years or 25 years, this process can be overwhelming for all those who are involved. This is why the sooner you start downsizing, the better to make the transition also easier for your family. 

2. Make the new place feel like home

Even if your loved one has downsized to a senior living community, this change doesn’t mean that the new place can’t feel like home. You can help your loved one feel at home by planning out in advance how the decorative items and furniture layout will look to put him or her at ease. If possible, you can try to arrange things in much the same way as they were in their previous home.

3. Schedule family visits

When your loved one moves to a senior living community, he or she will surely appreciate having family visits. Scheduling the visit ahead of time will give them something to look forward to and can make a huge difference for them while making the transition to a new home. Make sure that other family members are aware of the move and are able to visit your loved one within the first few weeks.

4. Encourage them to get involved with the community

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your father is at his happiest when he’s discussing the most recent novel he read, or that your mother is most stimulated when she’s singing her favorite songs. Support their passions by signing them up with the community’s book club and the choir group to encourage them to take up social activities. No matter what their passions are, encourage them to try out various community activities once they’re settled. 

5. Develop a relationship with the caregivers

Developing rapport with your loved one’s caregivers or community staff will provide you and your loved one with confidence and peace of mind. Make sure to get to know your parent’s caregivers by finding out more about their backgrounds while telling them a bit about yourself too. Doing so not only establishes trust but also provides you with a chance to find out the level of care your parent is receiving. 

While the beginning of any kind of journey is hard – including making the move to a senior living community for our parents – this change can also be very rewarding. But to make the transition process as smooth as possible and without any bumps in the road, follow the guide above. View senior living options for more details on the perfect community for your loved ones to enjoy the best years of their life.

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