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Gift Ideas For Seniors In The New Normal

Gift ideas for seniors in the new normal

Some people have a knack for always knowing the perfect gift to get their loved ones. The rest of us could use a little help, especially this year when seniors continue to be advised to stay home to protect themselves from COVID-19. But with a little creativity, this doesn’t limit your options as much as you think. In fact, you can help your loved one continue to enjoy the things they love, and even expand their world a bit with these gift ideas for seniors.

Subscription services keep the giving going

If your loved one can’t get out, bring the things they love to them. And with subscription services you can keep the fun going all year long. All you need to know are your loved one’s hobbies and interests and/or perhaps something they’ve wanted to learn or explore. Here are some examples:

Each month your loved one will receive a box of art materials that includes step-by-step instructions for completing their own art project. You can choose six-month, three-month and even one-month subscription plans to try it out. What’s more you can select the medium that would fit your loved one best whether it’s colored pencils, watercolors, hand lettering or manga drawing.

Green thumbs will rejoice at all the options in this subscription. Your loved one will receive a new plant each month and each box includes a detailed care guide. Options include indoor plants, pet-friendly plants, succulents, pre-potted plants, air plants, aquatic plants, seasonal indoor and outdoor plants as well as seed boxes with herbs, fruits and vegetables.

If your loved one is a coffee lover this is their blend as the subscription service features 590 different coffees from 52 domestic roasters. Simply answer some questions on their tastes and each month your loved one will receive a 12-ounce bag of fresh-roasted coffee. You can even adjust your preferences as you go along.

This Cellars Wine subscription is for the wine connoisseur AND those who simply want to explore the world of wine. The subscription can be monthly or quarterly and red, white or a combination chosen with each delivery. Wines are hand-selected from the United States as well as abroad and include winery tasting notes, wine tips and insights on the wine scene.

There’s nothing quite like a good book, other than one that comes to your loved one’s door each month. They can choose from five featured books monthly and subscriptions can be purchased in three-, six- and 12-month increments. Plus, if there isn’t a book they like on the monthly list they can even skip that month and won’t be charged.

Here’s how you can revive your loved one’s wanderlust without them even having to leave the house! This subscription service allows them to explore a different city in the United States either each month or every other month with a box that includes locally made products and food items along with a watercolor profile map that features fun facts.

Bonus gift ideas for seniors

Of all the gifts your loved one could receive; we know the most cherished is time with family and friends. While the new normal may mean virtual celebrations this year, technology such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom can make them easier and more enjoyable than you think!

If your loved one is in a senior living community, also talk with the staff about any virtual or socially distanced holiday activities they may be hosting for residents and their families.

Learn more about senior living in our community and contact Richfield today to schedule a virtual tour.