Bringing Patient Tenderness To Memory Care

Specialized, nourishing senior memory care in Salem.

The services provided within our senior Memory Care program in Salem, VA, are tailored to preserve as much independence as possible. Helping individuals to accomplish simple, daily tasks affords residents a sense of dignity and empowers them to be successful.

Richfield’s Joseph C. Thomas Center offers two households that are dedicated to memory care. Within these households, we incorporate resident-directed approaches and life enrichment programming with the goal of increasing quality of life for residents and improving their level of satisfaction and well-being.

As needs change, the Health Center – Salem offers memory care for residents needing an environment that is secure and nurturing. To find out more about amenities and services at Joseph C. Thomas click here.

Residents enjoy a safe and nurturing environment within the Memory Care program.

Our team members recognize that moving can be especially difficult for an older adult with memory loss. To help alleviate some of the stress that comes with moving, every effort is made to create spaces that are comfortable and inviting.

At Richfield Living, creating a homelike environment for our Memory Care seniors starts with our household approach to dementia care. No more than 16 people reside in a memory care household. The surroundings help keep residents from feeling overwhelmed. Our senior memory care households feature stunning views of the mountains in the Roanoke Valley, as well as private rooms with private baths where residents have space for their favorite belongings. These rooms are clustered around a shared living space that includes a ‘house’ kitchen, comfortable common areas, and security systems to help ensure resident safety.

Other benefits the memory care household offers include:

  • Meals prepared in the kitchen and served family-style just like in a private home
  • Menus incorporating residents’ favorite foods and snacks
  • Encouragement for families to bring homemade goodies to share
  • Enclosed courtyards provide a safe environment for residents to enjoy the outdoors
  • Secured doors help ensure residents’ safety and security

Furniture and belongings create a familiar environment

We also encourage families to recreate their loved ones’ familiar surroundings in their new memory care rooms. By bringing the resident’s favorite furniture, belongings, and home décor, we can create an environment that looks and feels homey. This helps the resident make a smoother transition to memory care.

These personal touches also give our team members better insight into what each resident’s life was like before being diagnosed with dementia. Photos provide a way for residents and staff to develop meaningful connections more quickly. It also helps team members get to know family members and the role they play in the resident’s life.

Another feature that makes the resident feel at home is a shadow box. Located right outside each room, families can help residents decorate their boxes with some of their treasures. Collectibles, travel postcards, items that represent their favorite hobbies and pastimes, and family photos are objects commonly displayed in resident shadow boxes.

Richfield Living brings the power of music to our memory care services

There’s something about the power of music; how a few notes, a melody can immediately take you back to a moment in time. Songs connect us with happy times, sad times, exciting moments; music really is the soundtrack to our life. Perhaps that’s why music can still reach us, when sometimes nothing else can.

Research has shown that for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, music can help with everything from lessening anxiety and agitation to improving cognitive function, and even the ability to swallow.

Music can bring you and your loved one together. Even in the late-stages of Alzheimer’s when verbal communication is difficult, a person may be able to tap with the beat or possibly sing along. And not only does music offer reduced anxiety and stress for your loved one; it can lighten the mood for caregivers too!

Senior memory care on our Salem campus offers activities that focus on using music as part of our offerings to residents. We are especially proud to partner with the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra (RSO), in bringing the RSO’s Wellness Arts program on campus for memory care residents. RSO members, along with a music therapist, engage residents through song and motion.

Memory loss can be heartbreaking, but it doesn’t diminish the value of one who experiences it. That’s why we bring patience and tenderness to our individualized memory care, an invaluable service

Memory Care Services at Richfield Living

Our guide provides the information you need to help you tackle the difficult decisions when a loved one suffers a memory loss.

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