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Compassionate, individualized care at our Roanoke campus

We recognize that the decision to move a loved one into a long-term care facility can be difficult. In 2021 in Roanoke, Richfield moves in a new direction in care at The Health Center at Richfield – an innovative, resident centered skilled nursing facility in Roanoke, VA, on Mecca Street. Putting the residents first means they have the choice of waking times, meal times, medication, and bathing patterns. Medicine, food, and activities are tailored around their specific needs. This household model of care is already in place on our Salem campus, starting with Mountain View Lane in the Recovery & Care Center.

The nursing style will be different as well, with the team members meeting the patient’s needs first. The team includes a clinical and a household coordinator. Homemaker and members share responsibilities of managing the household. Team members will work in one household, and are being cross trained to perform housekeeping tasks, assist with resident personal needs, or cook a meal.

Along with the nursing style, the physical setting and layout flows in a new direction. Each household will have a front door complete with porch, mailbox, doorbell. Visitors ring the doorbell for admittance, where they will find a large cozy living room with comfortable furniture for lounging and watching television along with private bedrooms for every resident. A full kitchen lets residents enjoy meals and time around the table.

The social changes create a climate that encourages decision making. The community can decide to have a party, adopt a pet, or create an activity. They will have a budget to buy special treats and the food available will include items they enjoy. Each household will have a culture that reflects the personalities of the residents, much like a family.

Richfield Living is excited to be the first skilled nursing facility in Roanoke, VA, to offer this model of care in skilled nursing. Call 540.380.4500 for more information.

Short-term Rehab services available on the Roanoke Campus

All of the options and quality service you have come to expect at Richfield for short-term rehab will also be available on the Roanoke campus. Located on the third floor, this service will have quiet, peaceful rooms for recuperation. Short-Term Rehab on our Roanoke campus provides short-term, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to those who are still recovering from surgery, injury or illness and serves as a bridge between a hospital stay and your return home.

Short-Term Rehab is an ideal environment for those seeking an alternative to rehab in a traditional nursing home setting. Typically, patients stay anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on their diagnosis, overall condition and insurance coverage. When you need short-term rehabilitation, you’ll find a new level of comfort and experienced care on both our campuses.

For more information about short-term rehab on our Roanoke campus, or to set up an appointment, call Carolyn Hendricks at 540.444.3661. Click here to connect via email.

To see specialties and amenities visit the Salem Short-term Rehab page.

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