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How Richfield Makes Memory Care Residents Feel At Home

How Richfield Makes Memory Care Residents Feel At Home

When someone you love has Alzheimer’s or a similar form of dementia, families often turn to a memory care facility for support. These dedicated communities help older adults live their best lives despite the disease.

An important part of creating a meaningful experience is developing an environment where the senior feels safe and secure. At Richfield Living, we work closely with families to do just that.

Richfield Living: Offering Memory Care Households

Our team members recognize that moving can be especially difficult for an older adult with memory loss. To help alleviate some of the stress that comes with moving, every effort is made to create spaces that are comfortable and inviting.

At Richfield Living, creating a homelike environment starts with our household approach to dementia care. No more than 16 people reside in a memory care household. This environment helps keep residents from being overwhelmed.

Other benefits our memory care household offers include:

  • Private rooms with space for favorite belongings, along with shared kitchens and common living areas
  • Meals prepared in the kitchen and served family-style just like in a private home
  • Menus incorporating residents’ favorite foods and snacks
  • Encouragement for families to bring homemade goodies to share
  • Enclosed courtyards provide a safe environment for residents to enjoy the outdoors
  •  Secured doors help ensure residents’ safety and security

It all adds up to a more personal approach to care.

Furniture and Belongings Create a Familiar Environment

We also encourage families to recreate their loved ones’ familiar surroundings in their new memory care rooms. By bringing the resident’s favorite furniture, belongings, and home décor, we can create an environment that looks and feels homey. This helps the resident make a smoother transition to memory care.

These personal touches also give our team members better insight into what each resident’s life was like before being diagnosed with dementia. Photos provide a way for residents and staff to develop meaningful connections more quickly. It also helps team members get to know family members and the role they play in the resident’s life.

Another feature that makes the resident feel at home is a shadow box. Located right outside each room, families can help residents decorate their boxes with some of their treasures. Collectibles, travel postcards, items that represent their favorite hobbies and pastimes, and family photos are objects commonly displayed in resident shadow boxes. 


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The best way to learn more about memory care at Richfield Living is by scheduling a private tour. We’ll show you around our community and help you learn more about what makes our program special. Our team members will also answer any questions you have about our programs, and transitioning to our community. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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