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Life at a Richfield Living Skilled Nursing Facility

When the time comes for your loved one to receive 24-hour nursing care it can be scary, and most definitely emotional, for the entire family. You’ll likely hear all about the features, amenities and services offered at the communities you’re considering. But what’s it really like at a skilled nursing facility day-to-day? We can’t speak for the rest but we can tell you about life at Richfield from the heart and soul of our day-to-day: our experienced team of healthcare professionals.

I want all of my nursing staff to have good clinical knowledge, good customer service and above all,to care for their residents. We can teach clinical aspects, but it starts with wanting to take good care of our residents and doing a good job doing that.

“I have been here 10 years, and there are still residents here from when I started. We are like family, and we often see them more than we see our own families. That’s why I chose long-term care — I love forming relationships with the residents and their families. It is an honor to help them at this point in their lives, when they can no longer care for themselves. To be able to give them a place where they can live with dignity and be with people who love and care for them every single day.”

“Our difference at Richfield is the staff. It is one of the only places that I have worked that from management on down really care about the residents and go out of their way to help them out. The staff strives to be better at their jobs, whether that is nursing staff, dietary or housekeeping.”

“We know our residents; what they are like and special things about them so we’re better able to help them to achieve their goals, whatever they are.

“People pick Richfield because of our staff and our atmosphere, but it is mainly the staff. That is why people come here to live, and to work, and why they stay. The patient’s families are just as important as the patients. We have a lot of families that can’t be here day-to-day, and we are in contact with them daily to include them in their loved one’s care.”

The most fullfilling thing about my job in rehab is my patients. The level of care in rehab nursing is different than other types of nursing I have done. We learn about each other’s lives and develop one-on-one relationships.

 “I was a CPN for six years and have been a LPN for seven years. It’s my nature to nurture and take care of my patients. I have worked in other rehabs around the valley, and the atmosphere here is wonderful —more professional and like working in a resort. The patients can order their own food, come and go, communicate with others and go outside to utilize the beautiful landscape and facilities.”

“When we have a critically-ill patient we are able to get hold of physicians 24/7. Our team of unit managers, CNAs and other nurses is always on-hand to do what’s needed to get the patient well and on the way to recovery. It’s a great team that comes together to make the stay feel like a home away from home.”

What I love about Richfield is the great team and the patients – it is fun working with them.

“We perform a wide range of duties and my patients become like family to me. I love them to death. I have them on a regular basis and so we become very close.”

“Coming to Richfield as a patient or a nurse is not like going to a hospital setting. It is like coming home. The staff — from dietary to CNAs and housekeeping — all works together to coordinate the plan of care here at Richfield. And anyone who comes to Richfield gets this extra-special care.”

I absolutely love the patients that come in here. There are a lot of different personalities. They loosen up once they get to know us and we all have fun.

“They love the food, the therapy and the gym. Some of my patients say that Richfield seems like a hotel. They feel like they are on vacation. They love the geese and the babies when they are born. We get to know them. They are interested in my life and I enjoy talking with the veterans who come in about their time in the military.”

“Richfield gave me the opportunity to become a CNA and I’ve been doing it since 2010. My co-workers become family. I think that Richfield, by far, is the best. They give employees the opportunity to grow and learn. Richfield gives everyone the care that they need. We try our best to make Richfield a better place.”

Our Wellness Center has something for everyone including state-of-the-art equipment that not a lot people in other communities have access to. The atmosphere is welcoming with good camaraderie, which is a nice social benefit.

“I teach sessions in the wellness center, in the pool and in group exercise classes where residents may only have to walk a few steps from their door; which they love! From dumbbells to pneumatic training, sessions are catered to the individual, even in group classes.”

“Plus we have one-on-one sessions include strength, flexibility and cardio training as well as balance exercises and isometric work and can be designed for those who’ve never exercised before to more advanced routines.”

I love the team I work with, especially our level of communication, which ultimately benefits our patients.

“If there are issues that come up we discuss it as a team and arrive at solutions together. The administration values our input about equipment needed, and as a result we stay ahead of the curve and have the best of the best equipment for our patients.”

“Occupational therapy is different than physical therapy. We help patients with daily activities so that they can get back to their prior level of function.”

“The therapists post a schedule for the patients, communicate with them personally if there is a change and work out the best time of the day to suit their needs. We also perform a lot of in-room services as well as use of the equipment in the gym.”

My goal is to help the patients who are in need and to put a smile on their face. People come in who can barely walk, and we get them independent and back to living again. That is very rewarding.

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